Monday, August 22, 2016

moonstone reward in Blade and Soul

 If they add trove event, The moonstone price should be drop.
6v6 pvp reward added moonstone? Alot bots then.. PiPo Pipo Also if a cash shop event reduces the price of a supposedly in-game item, Buy Blade and Soul Gold it just proves how insufficient the in-game supply for such items is. Join us TOMORROW for our Desolate Tomb Preview with Producer Jonathan Lien and Community Manager Bethany Stout!

lol, the amount of bitchin about the game since the announcement has increased exponentially within my clan. so i left the clan and made my own :) bns rocks. Mushin / OMC if ur looking for a fresh clan, im recruiting active people who love the game, Blade and Soul Gold no whining, just fun. hit me up -Khayto.

Desolate Tomb 4man , 900ap+ incoming xD Nah, actually if everyone is aware of mechanics and get a good tank on party, u can clear it with 650AP xD. this was intended to make fun of the people who ask for way too much ap when all you need to is know the mechs and have the min ap required.  I see how ppl fucked up when Asura came.

Now with this fucking dungeon they will delete BnS.  i7-6700k probably. You wanted the best for mmo so. This game mainly uses one core so go for speed versus core count. i5 or i7 should be good. But if you have to stay AMD, FX6300 & a decent GPU card should be fine. Overclocking AMD can also really help with this game.

Friday, August 5, 2016

BNS Costume Desing Contest

Tomorrow at 4PM PDT! Find out who the winners of the Costume Design Contest are. I rlly like ppl of latinoamerica can participate in yours event, is unfair :/. Remind me later if you open sea/oceanic server. Buy Blade and Soul Gold P2W Game, Greedy Money Sucking Publisher lol skip this one mate. Of the NA Costume Desing Contest*. will it take to update again?

Of the NA Costume Desing Contest*. please is possible to switch between servers? You can play as Poharan in the upcoming action game MXM! I'm from Brazil, I forgot my pin code, and can not recover someone help me? i play for 16h a day now 16mins only semi quit only farming the pig custome.

Greetings! Please submit a ticket to our Customer Support about the forgotten PIN: Thank you, I hope someday to have the game in Brazil, my english is horrible. What a shitty game, b& s too, played so much for nothing, Blade and Soul Gold if you dont nerd for like 14 Hours per day, its useless try become "strong". You are just a bad player, deal with it.

Nah man i was One of them best in arena pvp, im talking for who dont have much time ti play, so dont make me laugh, i was bored to win easy ;) prefer gsmes that gives me challenges, in that One just noobs spamming, easy to counter .  Next time before talk try think, bad player ahhahahahah, such ridicolous. that is part of the game tang ina ka.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Blade and Soul costume

Voted school days and its listed. Friends voted Black padded, its listed too. Win-win. a Best Friend ficou em 5 kkkkk mas pelo menos da pra comprar. After update Linked Server Blade and Soul Gold , especially Poharan & Iksanun (for me) every time when im login into game there are 5-10 BOT SPAM chat in faction chat.THATS SO AMAZING, really!!! Report program, Block IS USELESS !

Why is chat so filled up with spam for parties?? I cannot see anything else anybody is writing because my chat is flooded with people who are so intrusive with getting clan members and party members. I'm glad that Best Friend is back but I wish I couldve bought it with hongmoon RNG.. I like Dreamcutter but I already own it. Ah well, I didn't like most of them on that list anyways Buy Blade and Soul Gold .

Dreamcutter is worst costume ever.  I like it. It looks good on my Blademaster. Yuns look good in almost all the costumes tho. More spam more bots more multiboxers more woes in SSP. Best thing that could happen from a merge. Devotion would have been a better choice than School Days -_- also why the hell are the runnerups more expensive? just only 8 MB more to play,, but it fail and fail again.

Good job Assholes selling RNG box outfits that people sunk a tonn of cash to get from fuckign boxes ! the one doing šŸ˜ either didnt win or there outfit choices didnt win grow up lol 0% need to get angry-.- MG, help.... someone changed my account so now i cant log in or use that mail .... why would you bring them out at different prices?

Thursday, July 7, 2016

FFXIV theme song Good King Moggle Mog

Small portion?? Have you even listened to the songs and its a blatant rip off lol i was just trying to be nice by saying its homage. Good King Moggle Mog is actually Mog's Theme from FF6 in a minor key. it's not a rip of This Is Halloween. All industrial metal sounds the same.

It's originally written in japanese.Cheap FFXIV Gil They probably did literal translations instead of re-writing lyrics. I highly doubt it was written in Japanese first, because that is the only line in the entire thing that sounds incorrect. Everything else would never translate correctly given how high level the vocabulary is. hey Must DPS or my fist will wipe them /SEPHIROTH They Tanks are in vain i will give them more pain.

Sephirot. Not Sephiroth. One letter, big difference.  In case you wanted to see, or more like...  I'd love to join for whatever, but please fix your payment options.. I'm litterary throwing money at you but you dont want em appearently.  Dream vacation location in eorzea? Cmon now thats easy. Costa Del Sol. Minus the behemoth sized crab that spawns just south of it lol.

Can you buy time cards off Amazon? That's how I have been subscribing for a while.  As far as using items outside I know the weapons you get you can eventually use them outside once you've cleared the context I believe. And you get to choose. For example say you do palace of the dead on Bard,FFXIV Gil but you want the warrior weapon. You can get that!

Sean Westbrook I think so as of now anyway. We will have to see what else! Maybe minions and mounts! Im sensing a disturbance in the Force...either that or it's an Aether Withdrawal that I'm currently going through.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Blade and Soul gears

The issue here the game is already too much hardcore, that almost you need to throw your life just to do the dailies and hunting materials, i already quit long time ago, I got a life and not to play almost more than half of my day like just only doing daily quests on each char u have. RNG is bad. Last thing, if you don't like this game, easy answer is just quit and find a new one. No Arguments with people and etc.

The problem with the game is that it's asian-based game.Blade and Soul Gold They farm like crazy for hours, but their drop is bigger which follows more items needed for the upgrade. Here, we have same amount of items needed and the drop rate drastically lowered. They should balance out the game.

Ricardo Rodriguez I like the grind as much as the next guy but I have a limit to what I can do in the game without being burned out and stopping. Gratz for getting that far but me I just play to have fun, not to gear and rape lowbie geared people all day. Just the games not fun for me anymore period. I agree actually. I stopped playing because the gear grind is too much. I have capped 7/8 classes and gearing all of them up is simply impossible.

Lol so funny to hear these people whining and Buy Blade and Soul Gold complaining, guess what , every mmo has some type of grind factor in it, just so happens the grind factor in blade and soul is gear. News flash: you don't need to be god like to play this game. The problem is your so focused on everybody else gear that your not focused on yourself ...... makes me sick to hear people complaining about this over and over.

Friday, May 27, 2016

new dungeon in Blade and Soul

I am all for better load times for the game - especially while teleporting in-game. Please reduce the amount of ridiculous portals in the game! All your coding for these zones are making the game clunkier Blade and Soul Gold and slower to load and are causing loyal players to leave the game that they can no longer play on a consistent basis. with each new dungeon/area you make the game more difficult to play. Also, am I the only to think cute pets don't fit in this world? We should collect broken bones, not food for them;

RIP B&S... my master pack is a waste... if there is a chance to have a sea/oceanic server, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold then i am in... for now, hibernate mode... anyway, you wouldn't care because you already have my money... goodluck to this game... This game doesn't work for me for some reason... if these shits are in pvp with the summoner oh lawd.

I just start the game,then that pin code gets on the screen,I tpye it,and then it just says "lost connection to the server / error 404" and crashes...  I deleted the game because it doesn't work,and yes,I disabled firewall,but still didn't work,also I was looking on Youtube and google,but couldn't find anything that works... I can't log in since the new update >_> it is annoying as hell.

Hmmm whenever they DON'T turn into a P2W factor, I'm okay with everything, perhaps they could fix also the fact that Euro players have to spend more than non Euro players to get the same amount of NCoins, the main reason because of I haven't spent in this game yet. oh my god, you can salvage those pets? isn't it the same like killing them?, oh god.. I really hope you can salvage them. But im hoping it requires a pet grinder so you can grind them down for enhancements. Or maybe take the to a sacrificial alter.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Blade & Soul new dungeons update

Gunner which uses minigun. Also skill to summon 2 tigers ??. Other stuff I can obtain from dungeons . parang may gunner talaga kasi nasa mobs yun eh sa BSH. 10AM PDT is 17:00 UTC, or midnight 00:00 Friday morning in Cambodia; 01:00 Friday in Beijing and Singapore, and 02:00 Friday in Seoul and Tokyo.They took the end boss of Tomb of exiles Blade and Soul Gold and Lycan the mighty and made mini versions of them.  i m trying to login on my accounts, BUT any e-mail of the NC dont come to me... i can't create accounts to send one tiket, because the verification e-mail to active it NEVER come... where is the problem? in others games the e-mail works fine, only on NC account it doesnt work ....

 will anything be done about the movement bug in dungeons. Buy Blade and Soul Gold It is a pain for bloodshade harbor since u need to run up walls to get to next boss and you can't do that since its bugged. don't care about updates or new contents.. i'm gonna stop playing this game.. bots, cheaters, loots drop sucks.. good luck spending your life farming moonstones & stingers..   Pets will have some extra stats and then you can buy it in Shop. Well I think that was a lie at livestream with p2w NCWest. Did you copy it from Gameforge or WTF are you doing NCSoft?

Then stop playing and stop moaning. Pets? LOL! No changes to the Premium system? Stop wasting your time with insignificant changes to the game. With the monthly fees charged for premium, I, as well as many others will not be returning to play your game even after purchasing the master pack. Stop being so greedy . pay to pets system, i hope nobody will get them because i can image how my fps drops if all have it. At least i looking forward for end of the story . Hey does anybody know what happened to the ''ground pound'' skill of the Kung Fu Master ?...because i really couldn't find it after some patches...